this is charlotte bee. she is three [42 months], almost four. she will be starting school in less than a month!! she can spell her name and write her letters like such a big girl. she loves loves to read and love love loves to draw and paint. she's a fantastic artist and a really great storyteller, too! her best friends are her two pups and two kitties and all the creepy-crawly things that live outside. she's SO brave. she's such a sweet and helpful big sis and is so full of love. i love to kiss those little cherry lips and that freckled nose. her blue eyes are the prettiest i have seen. she runs faster than a bunny and jumps higher than a frog. just ask her! ;) i sure love you charlotte bee. make me a proud momma.

this is violet mae. she is a stinker. and a looker! she's the funniest 19 month old i have ever met. and definitely the loudest! her favorite thing is to talk. and sing. and read at the top of her lungs. she loves to dance around the house and follow bee wherever she goes. a favorite pastime as of late is to tackle and wrestle. this includes bee, momma and daddy and any other creature in close proximity. she loves to say prayers! and draw pictures [on paper and walls] and eat eat eat. i cannot get over the appetite this tiny girl has! she talks in full sentences, again at high volumes and loves to perform at any opportunity [when she has an audience, aka during church]. she can almost count to ten and pretends to know all her abc's. and she loves loves loves to say everyone's name... with a demand following it. oh, and repeat everything she hears. especially from bee. i love love this baby girl and am amazed at how smart and witty she is at such a young age. and just like that older sis, she's quite stunning, too. those giant green eyes and mile-long lashes. and those teeth! love you so so much baby violet!

they are my heart. every beat. 

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