hello all.
for those of you concerned with my absence... i'm here! and well. :)
it has been a pretty busy late spring/early summer. i seriously cannot believe it is officially summer!!
we have been to wyoming [jackson hole & yellowstone] and back and have had visitors coming in and out. most recently being my little brother. he's been here since the end of may! with him leaving this weekend [:(] things may work themselves back into normalcy. but only for a bit... gma is coming in a couple of weeks!

now to get all caught up to present day:
not much has changed here on the homestead. my love has been working on a playhouse for the girls [with uncles' aaron and ben] and is inching towards completion. cannot wait to share! but all other areas are pretty much the same. and good. except for two [not so small anymore] things... my baby girls!

charlotte bee is so so big now. she's like having a little grown up in the house now... who talks in a little voice. which actually can also be booming occasionally.. ha
her hair and her legs just keep growing. and she now has freckles across her nose and cheeks. she's such a little beauty.
she uses the largest and most interesting words in the craziest of ways [thanks magic school bus]. mostly to include herself in any adult conversation. :)
she is so excited to start school this fall and is all about play/practicing "school" at home. she's going to be such an excellent student. she not only knows her abc's but also gladly spells and writes her name. she'll announce her birth date to any who asks and loves to share her full name [charlotte bee louella goodwin]. she loves to ask others their's as well. :) she's such a sweet and charming girl. insisting on wearing dresses and skirts [mostly layered together] and still love love loves blue. :) she's a very big help and a super sweet big sis [occasionally with some rough edges, ha]. she sure makes us proud. especially when she tells others about her heavenly father and his love for us all. precious.

now, violet mae has taken on quite a transformation! she's seriously no more a baby. :( she walks and runs [sometimes in heels!!] and talks talks talks. unlike her big sis, this girl mimics and repeats everything she hears. everything! her favorite words as of late are "airplane", "snack", 'hungry", "eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth" [pointing to each], grampa ["tampa"], "bee", "daddy", "momma/mom" and "pep". some of her favorite phrases are "down please", "paci and blankie", "help please", "amen" [with arms folded] and "DOIN'???". she loves to read aloud to herself and loves to sing along to any song she hears [with choreography, of course]! she's such a riot with the serious expression she keeps, but it can quickly switch to a silly giggly face! she's darling. another favorite of mine is putting her hair in little ponies and braids. i love her babbling and those teeth! she's so much fun. that girl is such a cute.

okay, so there are a few updates. i promise to post more and also provide more pictures. but if you want to stay up-to-date with our daily happenings, i highly suggest you scan my instagram. it's basically micro-blogging. :)


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