happy birthday to my baby sister

↑twenty candles↑
↑super stoked for a fudge cake... and to turn twenty↑

↑sooo delicious↑
↑so sweet to share↑
↑happy birthday, aunt mar↑

whilst they were here, we got to celebrate my baby sister's birthday with her!! it was once tradition that her bday would fall during spring break and we would all be together celebrating that week somewhere fun. like the beach. but since we have all grown up and our schedules are all over the place it hadn't happened for some time. so it was extra special to have her in my house and with us all together, again.

i love love love my mar and hope she always knows how much i love love love her. i'll always cherish her and remember when she was given to me. ;) i was nine and dying for a baby sister to have to my own. and then she came and was perfect. my own little doll to help raise and love. and i hope our relationship continues to build and grow. she is such a lovely and beautiful person. she is the best example of true love and friendship. she really is an outstanding girl with a lot of potential and life ahead of her. i'm so proud and happy to call her my sister.

i love you forever marlie d!!

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