my surprise birthday weekend

↑ so good ↑

↑ goofs at the amos lee concert ↑
↑ our superb breakfast in bed ↑

↑ the b&b and it's surroundings were so nice ↑

↑ this live oak was beautiful ↑
↑ both our breakfasts included fresh eggs! thanks, ladies. ↑

↑ the cruise into downtown ↑

↑ he's so austin ↑

↑ always near the river ↑

↑ talk about perfect ↑

↑ our pretty dinner ↑
↑ oh, this dessert. so so so good. ↑
↑ super happy and rested birthday girl. ↑
this past weekend can go down in history as "the best weekend of dates". it really was a fabulous way to celebrate my bday [and close our full month of date nights! 
it all started when adam gave me my gifts wed pm, right after my momma flew in! he surprised me with tickets to see amos lee the next night at acl live!! i was so excited. especially since that meant our "getaway" was starting thursday! :)

so after work thrusday, we jetted out of town to the big city. 
adam had booked us a cute cute b&b for our time there, so we checked in and then hopped back out to grab something to eat before the show. staying near downtown provided a weekend with great eats, and at that moment we decided to start the celebration with dinner from the crepe truck! 
thai crepe truck, no less. 
i ordered my usual strawberry-banana-nutella and adam got a thai-basil-chicken. they both were amazing. 

after stuffing ourselves silly we dashed downtown to the show. first of all, ACL [austin city limits]  is so cool. they have been recording those live performances for pbs for so long, and the concerts held there are historic! the venue itself is really great. the layout is perfectly intimate and you're seated so close to the stage. no matter where in the venue you are. and the sound, the lighting... all of that is an a+. and the reception/waiting area is awesome, too. the giant photos of all the greats. from hendrix to cash to joplin. so so cool.

so, the opener was langhorne slim. cute music and great stage presence... but then amos came out and the night was complete. it was perfect "date music". he even ended his show with a boyz ii men song. loved it. every bit. we had so much fun.

the next morning, we were brought breakfast [it was fabulous], then rented us a couple of bikes and toured the city. i honesty had never biked through a metro area before. i was a little nervous until i remembered my husband lived and biked through downtown bangkok. needless to say, i felt totally at ease, riding right behind him. :) we rode next to the river and all the way down to zilker park. then back up into downtown and back to south congress, through the cute cute community we were staying in for the weekend. the weather was amazing. it started off cool, and if you notice in the pics above, i peeled off my scarf and sweater as the temps rose to nearly 80 that afternoon. it reminded me so much of that wonderful day in downtown atlanta we spent together ten years earlier. :)

after a taco, tamale and guac lunch we headed back to our cottage for a quick nap and then out again for more strolling/eating/enjoying the local fare. 
so so fun. and so so yummy. 
i could live off of mexican, crepes and food trucks! i love it when we eat great while also having a great visit. makes for a perfect memory all around. 
we seriously had italian for breakfast, mexican for lunch and viet/french for dinner. and then more italian for second dinner. not a bad mix. :)

after all of our eating escapades we headed out to another show, only this one was not solely music, it was a hilarious mix of music, skits and magic. 
honestly, i was a little skeptical at first [per adam's description], but thoroughly enjoyed it. it's so good to laugh so hard with someone i love so much. 
thanks smooch for such a fun fun fun birthday.

as the night turned back into day we headed back to our little place, enjoyed the claw footed tub one last time and hopped into bed laughing and chatting about what a great birthday it was. 
how good it had been to us both.

surprisingly the next morning was overcast and cool again, but after our fabulous breakfast provided we packed up our things to close our amazing weekend away and headed back to our two little sunshine's waiting for us at home. 
it's crazy how you can be so excited to get out and be adults, again... doing those things and having those conversation you had enjoyed awhile before [without sweet little girl interruptions] but then once all is said and done you are just as happy to get back to those little ones you ran off from! haha 

it was so nice to go for a couple of days and focus all my attention on my adam. 
to be goofy and sleep in and eat slowly and stroll around. 
just holding hands and riding bikes and eating and eating. 
all those things are so good and make me so happy. 
and i'm so grateful to my momma for spending the majority of her trip babysitting her grand babies so we could do all of those things, again. 

what an amazing weekend full of wonderful memories i'll always remember. just like that big day we spent together so many years ago. ;)

i sure love you smooch. 
thank you so much for all of my birthday love and surprises.

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