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↑ me and my mini me ↑

for the longest time charlotte bee has been a tiny adam goodwin. the moment she showed her beautiful face to the world, it was a tiny, girlier version of my adam. and as she grew she became more and more like him. her mannerisms, her faces, her likes/dislikes, her interests and her humor. i had to finally accept that i had help create a tiny carbon copy of my most favorite person on earth. ;)
well, then a couple years later, i finally produces [co-produced] a tiny me. violet looks nothing like her big sister. and that' what we had banked on! we came from cookie-cutter kids and just assumed we would make the same type. but boy were we wrong! these girls of ours really could not be more opposite! but it's good and makes life more fun.
but then just a few weeks ago, adam and i started discussing some changes in bee. okay, maybe not changes, but some definite differences that resemble more of me! she still looks just like her daddy and less like me, but in some really sweet and less sweet moments, her momma shows through. :) i liked having adam list off our similarities and then confirm them with those moments i have witnessed and captured. she's super affectionate, super sensitive, super bossy and always wants to be talked to and held close. 
just like momma. :))
usually i would laugh it off and blame coincidence... but one night i was finally convinced she really is a lot like her momma. :)

we had gone on a date and left the girls with a sitter. and when we got home we could hear bee crying upstairs. in fear she would wake her little sister, i ran upstairs to check on things. apparently she had woken up due to some leg pains [growing pains, just like both her momma and daddy]. as i sat there kissing her face and whispering, trying to comfort her, she interrupted and ask me to hold her. it was so sweet. and it confirmed that she really can be just like momma. 

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