gamma was here

watching the dozens of cardinals that frequent our yard

↑crazy love↑

a regular weekend activity on the goodwin homefront
another bday suprise! 

this was melt-in-your-mouth A M A Z I N G.

gamma's visits are always fun, but this one was extra special. not only did it include extra pretty weather, and an oyster roast, it also allowed for extra one-on-one grandybaby time with her [aka our weekend getaway].
i get so excited when we plan her next trip out. when my momma comes to visit, this place feels a little more like home. :)
oh, and at the end of this month my momma, daddy, mar and ben will all be coming!!
i can hardly contain myself. :)

i'm finally going to get to show them where we live and how we live here in bastrop.
my siblings have't been here for so long. and to finally have them come and be here with us will be so wonderful. i miss them terribly and know my babies do, too! i have a giant list [sound familiar?] of fun fun things to do when they all get here. now hurry up march 29th, i can't wait!! :)

p.s. the deliciousness in the last photo is called "David Eyre's Pancake". you have got to try it. we topped it with fresh black berries.... and ate it within seconds.
so good.

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