dream house - master bath

W E cannot wait to finally convert our tiny bathroom [we share, of course] into a REAL M A S T E R bath!!!

images one+two+three

all of the elements i long for in our bath i feel are simple and utilitarian.
i believe every master bath [shared by a couple] deserves and needs:
1) TWO sinks [i prefer the pedestal]
2) TWO mirrors [i loathe the giant dressing room-size]
3) a walk-in shower with TWO heads [two is always better than one]
and of course, every female's favorite...
4) a footed tub!
the beadboard is another personal favorite i'm planning to use. since we have it throughout most of the house, i would love love it in the bath as well.
and just like the rest of my home, i prefer little detail/clutter and clean lines. i don't need a lot of extra bells or whistles. just the necessary basics. :)
so, here's to hoping we take on this project sooner than later...
momma needs a new tub [although i would much prefer an antique one]!! :)

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