a dash of oil

i honestly never thought i would say that i love face oils. honestly. but i do! i really really do.

okay, so let me start by confessing that i have had a terrible time in the past with my skin. i had always dealt with dry and blemished skin. weird combo, i know... but it's the hand i was dealt. and despite rolling my eyes when she said it, my momma was right. as soon as i got pregnant, that all changed. i still can't get over it, but it finally happened for me. i now have fairly "normal" skin! it's still fairly dry and i do get a blemish or two now and then, but the texture and overall state of my skin is of a different nature now. thank goodness.

so this is not a testament on how i finally won against the bad-skin game. okay, maybe a tiny bit, but i only have charlotte bee to thank for that! oh, and i guess my momma, too. :) this is just a step further than all that. this is all about my "maturing" skin and what i'm doing to help it. and no pregnancy is gonna help with that! ha

i noticed recently i was starting to get more seriously tired eyes and my forehead resembled my grandfathers... okay, not that severe, but enough to bring it to my attention.
so i started on the wrinkle cream trail...
i went online and searched all sorts top rated products. there are so many types that promise to do so many different things for your face! all i really wanted was softer lines and skin.
so after shying away from the expensive potions that promised all sorts of percentages, i chose to do the unheard of and try oils. OILS!

now i don't consider myself too much of a health nut. i do prefer to eat paleo and enjoy using more organic products in daily life [especially with babies around], but this natural anti-aging technique is still so new and a bit foreign to me. ;) and judging from my past, oils didn't sound like the best idea. but now that i'm more oil literate, i have it all figured out.

i'm not using mineral oils on my face [major breakout creator], i'm onto tea tree oil, argan and vitamin's a and e. the tea tree i have used in facewashes before. it's a great anti-breakout type of oil. i have a bottle of 36% that i use as an astringent with a cotton ball once a week. kinda like a facial. then i apply with my fingers the 100% argan and the viatmins twice daily. the argan just after and in addition to my moisturizer [still wintery-dry climate] and then the vitamin a and e mix on my wrinkly-proned spots [ie forehead, under-eyes and smile]. not only is my complexion clear, but my skin is also much more supple and soft. and the lines i feared and hated before have turned soft and more absent. i really do feel like my face is more glow-y and youthful. and it loves these oils! the tea tree oil leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, the argan is a great moisturizer, even for my hair[!] and then the vitamins leave those lines so soft and less noticeable.

in conclusion, i don't mind if you use your anti-wrinkle cream with x, y and z ingredients! even those suggested by md's and promising results in x days with y% improvement. we are all in different skins with different problems. so do what works to help keep that face looking youthful! ;) i just thought i'd share with that 1% of girls with skin like mine the revelation i had. and don't be afraid of that word, "oil". it's not a bad word, anymore! do some research and see what works for you. there's hope for us all! :)

these are what i use:
T36-C5® melaluca oil derma e anti-wrinkle vitamin a & e treatment oil + josie maran 100% argan oil
OH! and i still use this little number when i get a blemish. it's the best!! and surprisingly, an oil, too. :)

some proof

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Aunt Bedas said...

Have you tried coconut oil as a daily moisturizer? Or baking soda with water (paste like consistency) as an exfoliator? Those are my "products" I've been using for a few months and I love that they're cheap, easy to find and they work so well! I am going to have to investigate the wrinkle thing though...my forehead is bothering me a bit!