14 and 40 months

↑ these are my children. violet mae. charlotte bee.↑
↑ sometimes they get along ↑
 ↑ sometimes they're affectionate ↑
↑ but they always love each other. and i always always love love love them. especially together. ↑

these are my not-so-little girls. charlotte bee is now going on 41 months. violet mae is going on 15 months.
can you believe it??

C H A R L O T T E  B E E is a little person now. she talks constantly. usually in a very informative and confident way. 
and she loves to correct. especially her momma and daddy. despite the fact that we are the ones who taught her. ;)
she's typically a good 5" taller than most kiddos her age. 
she constantly sings, whether a song or just a more musical narration or dialogue of her own. 
she loves loves ballet music and wearing anything resembling a tutu. 
her favorite shoes are her princess heels. actually she loves loves shoes altogether... [like momma]. 
really she loves any item she can wear. she dresses herself most mornings [and very well, i might add]! 
her favorite color is blue and she can be seen wearing at least one blue item on a daily basis. 
and she loves stripes and spots [again, momma]. so most days she's sporting a navy item, a striped item and maybe a polka dot. 
she's finally allowing me do her hair... and once i mentioned rapunzel, she's all about braids. 
we try different kinds, but typically she's found wearing the milkmaid look or the two frenchies. 
but most days she's insistent on wearing a bun. it's actually my personal favorite. she does that "top knot" like no other. 
but then again, her "beadhead" could put kate moss to shame. it's lovely. :) 
she knows her abc's [and 123's] and recently discovered she can spell and write her name! B-E-E. 
she loves loves to draw. pen, pencil, chalk, crayon, marker... anything. she's very good at portraits, bugs, flowers and sunshines. i have got to find a way to archive the art. we are going to run out of wall space!
she's the most lovey toddler i have ever met. anytime our conversation becomes heated, she will stop and say, "momma, give me a kiss". then the moment changes. :) i love to hold her close and hug that girl. she makes me so happy and is a perfect example of the charity of christ. despite any who may mistreat her, she loves them unconditionally anyway. love her.

V I O L E T  M A E is no more a baby. she is definitely a BIG girl now. although, in stature she is much smaller than bee was at this age! 
she's such a fiery and hilarious little one. she's always very serious. most of the time with a furrowed brow. 
many approach her and attempt to make her giggle, but are left with a tiny crack of a smile. 
she recently has learned to walk, and it is now her favorite past time. in addition to [trying to do] whatever that big sister is up to. 
her eyes are always locked on bee. 
the interesting part is she's uncomfortable with bee getting too close to her. when it comes to affection, violet would prefer it remain at a distance. :) 
bee was always jumping without care. more of a daredevil. and our violet is much more cautious and careful. i think she can smell the adventure on bee and it makes her nervous. ;)
she loves loves to eat. she can even get a little bit impatient when we are preparing her meal... [like momma]. 
she can out-eat most and doesn't really have preferences. but she does have very specific dislikes. 
no citrus. no sour. no mango. no eggs. no juice. no milk [only drinks water]!! 
bee's diet at this age was very much dependent on her obsessive consumption of milk. and violet will not drink it. ha
our regulars lately have been bananas, bananas, berries, grapes, avocado, any form of bread, pasta, rice, cracker or cereal. and cheese cheese cheese. she loves any type of meat [seafood included] and any type of ice cream/dessert/sweets. 
she calls most things 'bee" or "dah". but her favorite favorite word is "NO"! even if she really means, "yes". :)
loves kitties and puppies [also preferred at a distance]. 
loves loves to clap and spin and dance. if there's music playing, she's doing a combination of the three.
and like her sis, she is constantly talking. and she uses so much emotion when she speaks. regardless if we know what she's saying, we know what she means most of the time. all based on those eyebrows! :) 
and what perfect brows they are. she really is a striking beauty [like that big sis]! folks stop me all the time to tell me how stunning she is. :)

they are the most beautiful girls i have ever beheld. and they are growing prettier each day! they have such sweet spirits and are loved by any blessed soul they meet. ;) they really are magic.
and the magic between these two is growing each day. 
watching them interact and learn about one another is such a sweet blessing to behold. i've said numerous times that i daydream about them being best friends and going on adventures together. and i really do. 
i only hope they will be sweet enough to let their lame momma tag along with them. 
my two little sunshines. 
they're what makes my world go round. :)

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