when life is in color

life can be so animated. so crazy. and always in constant motion.
every night i lay my head to my pillow and i'm plum. wore. out. spent.
i guess i could say our pace has gone from slow to steady. but this is in no way a complaint. i love it. for the good and the bad. and none of it's really bad. it's all good. there's just good and then really good. ;)

i feel like after we moved here life was at a steady and pleasant pace. we were adjusting to our new lifestyle and taking it all in at a cruising speed. then the holidays blew in and took it into overdrive! not to mention we [adam and i] both received substantial positions at our church!
and oh yeah, adam bought in as a partner at work!!
minor happenings, right? ha

so since the end of november there has always been about three of four extra items on our to-do lists and a few more lbs of stress each. oh well. life goes on! on! ;)
in the mean time we have a three year old [who is certain she turns four and then will be considered an adult. all by next week] and a 14 month old [walking, talking, mini-bee] who we are also entertaining/teaching/loving!! and like i said before, i'm not complaining! just explaining. ;)

so here we are at the end of february. the winter weather, chased away by spring.
it's insane how fast this new year is going by! i barely have had time to glance at my resolutions/goals and the year is almost a quarter over! geez...

so here's the deal. i have a stack of items [just mine] on my plate and two girls who are insistent that i make room for them! and why shouldn't i?? that's really why i'm here. right?? for them!
so my effort from here on out is to prioritize in a way that keeps the important tasks i'm personally responsible for [non-family related] within reach and in progress, but to [more importantly] put those two [most importantly] little ones at the very top of that priority list.

it's interesting how on your roughest/craziest days strangers love to approach you [while in the middle of the crazy] and kindly remind you that this moment will be over and gone. "in the blink of an eye". and then they each end it with a signature tagline like, "then they'll be asking for the car keys" or "then they'll be graduating high school". to get you to think. and probably appreciate. and admittedly at that moment i'm a little put off... but then once the heat of the moment has past, i get it. and then later that night, when life is quiet, again i get it and really think about it. and then usually laugh about the instance, or [more often] almost cry of guilt.

so there you go, another goal/promise of mine. to my children.
to love them more. appreciate them more. to try my absolute utmost to SLOW DOWN.
despite what my adult life has to offer/force on me, my children are numero uno. and should always feel that way. and never doubt it.
so tomorrow, i will be more silly, more affectionate and smile and laugh more.
for them.
the lights and loves of my life.

you make your momma so happy.
i love you baby girls.

luv, your momma


BWei said...

I hear you! Beautiful pics and thoughts. Love you! (btw what're your callings??)

Janie said...

thanks, brittany! we sure miss you guys. those kiddos are growing up so fast!!
oh, and adam is teaching gosp doc and i'm yw pres... ;)