when life is black and white

life hasn't been super busy lately, but it also hasn't been super slow. and despite our loved ones in the middle of snowmaggedon over on the east coast, we are moving on into spring here. it's about 55 outside as i type this. :) and even though i'm super excited for spring to come, i have really been loving this unusually-cold texas winter. it has been such a wonderful change from the usual hot hot hot! we have had dozens of cardinals hanging around our house {so pretty!] and we even saw a tiny bit of snow!

now, tomorrow is valentine's [lovelove that day] so i hope you all have a fabulous day with the ones you love and who love you in return eating far too much chocolate and sweets.
love you all for reading and staying tuned in to this crazy life of ours. :)
here's to a sunny and happy spring!!


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