a month of dates

lovey-dovey content. read at your own risk. hopefully it won't make you queasy. ;)

a long time ago, almost four years, actually, adam and i used to do this really amazing and fun thing called "date". we would set aside our friday nights just for the occasion. it was something we looked forward to all week.
i think most of the time it's what got us through the week and to the weekend ["workin' for the weekend" is right]!

most dates consisted of dinner, at a favorite or new spot and then either strolling or listening to music while we drove [too poor to do much else]. there were some occasions when another couple would tag along or we would go see a movie, but my favorite memories come from the strolling and the music.
there are a few different songs and albums that will forever take me back to some really amazing times in our relationship. some really perfect dates. and just to take you down memory lane, i'll paint one for you.

#1 date - the second and best date ever.
it was early may in georgia. the air was thick with magnolias, confederate jasmine, olive and honeysuckle. it really is the absolute best time of year in the south. the weather was fantastic and the early stages of our relationship were so innocent and exciting.
we had our first date already and it was quite a success, but there were lots of other people involved, so it just doesn't match the second, more personal date. :)

i had called adam, asking if i had left my water bottle in his truck [i actually hadn't, but used it as an excuse to call :)]. once he went to search and could not place it, we started to chat about our next date.
i told him i would plan this one since he had planned our first. and because of all the extra that went on in that first one, he asked if this was going to "really be a date". i was a little surprised that he thought it that way - i had, too. so i told him, "of course!" i was even going to call out of work to go [bad habit of mine during our dating]!!

i don't remember if i had divulged the list of things i wanted to do/show him, but it was definitely a list. a long list. it included some really fun things that i loved to do in atl, and some things i knew he'd love to do and then a few things we could experience together for the first time!

i told him the day would have to start early and that i would come and pick him up [in athens!]. so early that friday morning i hopped into my jetta, grabbed all of my cd's and started on my trip. i got to athens 1.5 hrs later, popped in only long enough to pick him up [his parents had already left for work] and off we went, back to atlanta.

i remember vividly the windows down and the sunroof open. it was cool outside but the sun was warm and very inviting. we were going to be spending the majority of our day outside on one of the most beautiful and perfect days in georgia.

i had just fallen in love with john mayer and jason mraz and adam was a hardcore radiohead and beastie boys fan. throughout the entire day adam sat passenger and would change out the cd's to play the best of each of them and many of them not listed above. :)

by the time we arrived downtown it was mid morning. we hopped out of the car and into the high museum of art. i had just learned that my new beau had been in art school pre-mission so i wanted to impress him with my taking him to see the van gogh exhibit at the high. it was really great.
i love experiencing art with adam. before him i had never been around a guy that appreciated lines and color and form. it was so attractive to hear him talk about it. he's so art smart. ;)

after the high we strolled through the sweet neighborhood nearby, picking flowers off the gorgeous fences of those gorgeous houses. and when we got to the car we stuffed the vents with them and enjoyed that smell for the rest of the day. i'll always remember that wonderful smell.

we then headed to virginia highlands. i had also learned about him serving in thailand and how that was his favorite genre of food. so we ate at the only spot i had ever had pad thai [not very thai ;)] doc chey's. looking back it wasn't as impressive as i had originally thought, but it was good. and adam seemed to have enjoyed it. and they gave us fortune cookies!
once we finished the pad thai we strolled down the street to ben and jerry's to split a "cherry garcia" [my fave] milkshake.

once we left the highlands, i thought it would be fun to hop on marta and check out little five points. and that ride on marta was an experience in itself. it included me dropping a bracelet and hopping on the tracks to fetch it [didn't think about the getting electrocuted part!] and then having the train doors close on me!
thank goodness adam rescued me [pulled me in].

we saw what there was to see at little five and then waited for the marta bus to come back and get us.
and we waited.
and waited.
so we sat in the grass and enjoyed the weather some more and had more really great conversation.
once that bus finally showed, i felt like i knew this adam goodwin pretty well. and i really liked him. but i wasn't too sure how to express that so soon. when we got back to the car we decided to call my folks and see what the plans were for dinner. we decided to meet up for mexican so adam could meet the whole clan. parents and siblings. that should be interesting. and awkward. especially with siblings so much younger than i and especially since they all had yet to meet this adam kid.

well, dinner was great. super loud atmosphere [mexican restaurant on a friday night] but it was really fun. i remember lots of laughing. from everyone. and i could tell my parents really liked him. even my siblings! it was really great. and even better was that i was rushing him off to a brave's game... so we had to cut it short. ;)

now, i really could care less about watching baseball on tv. bleh. but live and in person is so fun.
the lights, the breeze in the nose bleeds, and all the cheering. again, made for some really fun memories.
after the game, as we strolled back to the car, basically ending the perfect day and date ever, adam goodwin very gently grabbed my hand and held it like it was the most natural thing he'd ever done. it made my heart skip a beat and confirmed those feelings i was feeling.
i had a serious crush on this guy, and through that tiny act he had told me he felt the same way. :))

dating is hated by many and loathed by lots. and looking back before my "adam phase" it really wasn't the most fun thing. it was a really awkward and a pretty unrewarding weekend activity i had practiced a bit. most of the time it was groups, so not all was lost. fun with friends is that. but on a more "couples level" it's pretty lack luster.
but this "new thing" i was experiencing was amazing. exciting. and so so positive.
i wanted to feel that way all the time. and i remember telling adam that, while laying on his sister's living room floor in her apartment, later that night or maybe on another... "i love what we have started. let's see where it goes."
so we did.

so here we are. ten years later. and we are doing it. again!! we are dating regularly!!! and after this friday we will have gone on a date every weekend this month. and just like before, this "just us" dating is something we look forward to every week and work towards doing. and for the first time in a long time it's been a consistent, sans babies, really fun and relaxing event.
being with my love and dating like the first go round is wonderful. and gets to be more wonderful each date.

my mom flies in for the week on wednesday and has offered to keep the girls for the weekend. allowing us a whole weekend of dates!!
i'll get to have 24-48 hrs of adam time.
all to myself.
and i cannot wait. he's the best date.

↑ a gem from that perfect date ↑

oh, and it's my bday, too. so surprises are in store for sure! ;)


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! So long ago! I remember meeting you the first time. Don't know if it was your first trip to Athens or what, but when you got ready to leave, you got up, came to the end of the table, put your arm around my shoulders and gave me a little hug. I knew then you meant business about Adam and hoped to be around awhile! :) Have fun on your weekend date! Maybe Nanz can give you two some date time, too.

Unknown said...

I love reading this. It's like you're here in Disgusta, telling me stories again. You guys are such a great couple! Miss you.

Janie said...

Miss you, too Ashlyn!! Can't wait to see you in June!!