uncle poo's first visit

uncle aaron [adam's little bro] surprised us a few weeks ago with a call saying he had just bought tickets to come see us! aunt deanna [his wifey] was going to be in las vegas for a bit so he thought instead of hanging at home alone he could spend some time seeing texas [he had never been]! what a great idea. the girls [and adam and i] were so excited to see him. as soon as bee spotted him in the airport she ran to "uncle poo" and was right there next to him for the remainder of his visit.
every morning bee would rise with the sun and run to his room to inform him "the sun was awake" and he should be, too. :) they would then share breakfast together. so cute.
it was great to have him around, especially since violet is less familiar with him than bee. but within a pretty short amount of time she had warmed up to him [him feeding her helped :)]. she then decided she could play with him too.
aaron got to see all the local hot spots, including adam's place of work [he had his bi-annual with his brother!]. we toured bastrop and all of it's finest, visited with granny and enjoyed her cooking, and then took him to austin to show him our favorites there, too.
i feel like all we did was eat while he was here, but boy did we eat well. and made some really fun and sweet memories while doing so.
one morning we even met up with our cousins to play [whom he had never met??], so we even had a tiny family reunion for him as well. :)
we are so glad uncle aaron was excited to come out and see our place and visit with our girls and us. we miss palling around with him most weekends. and we hope he can bring aunt deanna and come back ASAP!

hope we see you soon, aaron and deanna!!

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