the goodwins come for new years

it was another successful nanz and poppa visit! they flew in just in time for new years eve!
adam and i got to go on our last date of the year, to celebrate such a wonderful 2013!
later on, we lit some sparklers, danced around the fire and made s'mores all while we watched our neighbors shoot off giant fireworks. it was really great.

throughout their visit we played and read and baked and napped and cooked {the best new years day meal, ever} and played.
we even had a little party for violet and a little party for nanz! birthday presents and cupcakes for everyone. :)
violet really loved the cake but for some reason cried while we all sang her happy birthday! we all felt so bad when those giant tears showed on her cheek. but as soon as we finished she was right as rain and into that cupcake. ;)

while here nanz and bee read and read and read {violet would occasionally join} and poppa helped adam with some projects {will reveal later} and did some other handyman work around the house.
and nothing completes a visit to bastrop like poppa buying his felt {winter} cowboy hat and lunch from shug's.

thanks for another sweet visit, poppa and nanz! glad we got to ring in the new year with you! we hope it means we will have you back often throughout this brand new year!!

btw - adam has some really great videos he took throughout their stay, so if i can finagle it, i'll post those soon, too!!

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