my violet mae is one today!!

my tiny little baby girl is one today! it is so surreal that an entire year has just flown by like that. this sweet little kitty has been such a joy to have.

she wakes each morning smiling and ready to eat and then ends each day with a fully tummy and another smile. she loves loves to eat! some of her favorites are bananas, bbq, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, black-eyed peas, pasta, chicken soup... really it' an endless list! ;)
she loves loves tub time and play time. especially in their tiny kitchen. she's quite the cook!
she's super chatty and definitely a flirt. super duper social! she will talk to anyone who approaches her, especially if they tell her what a pretty baby she is! ;)
but her favorite person is still bee and with both girls now in the same room, they are growing closer even quicker! their nightly routine consists of lots of chatting, giggling and story-telling. so so sweet. :)
she will stand without any help or support... but still prefers to crawl. ;)
we know walking will happen soon enough, and from experience we don't mind her waiting it out. :)
she recently has teeth popping out all over, with her little fangs being the most recent {captured above}. and we do call her our little kitty, so it only made since. :)
she has always been known to point with her tiny pointer finger at all sorts of interesting things, and yesterday while facetime-ing with mar and gamma she used that same finger to show her age. she loves to tell you she's one now! it's as if she knows she's now a big girl. :)

violet is such a happy and healthy baby and makes us all smile with the precious face and toothy grin.
she's a bright and beautiful daughter of our heavenly father and we are so pleased to have her in our little family.
and she's the perfect little sister and best friend to our bee.
we love love love our baby girl!! :)

happy first birthday violet mae!!

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