happy birthday violet!!

well the day had finally come for baby violet to officially turn one! - pardon the rhyme, ha.
we had some pre-partying with nanz and poppa and then later had another tiny celebration with a giant cupcake and granny and grampa doug. she was so in awe of that cake, but again, with the singing of happy birthday, she teared up.
poor baby. ;)
and despite the 3+ age label on her musical instruments and school bus, she loves loves those toys. not to mention bee, too!! ;)
so here's to another shining year of our sweet sweet baby violet. but let me tell you, since that one year mark she's so grown up! she's laughing out loud, making herself cough, showing her number-one finger and trying to walk {by herself, of course. oh, and bribed with food ;)}!!
she's my little baby girl, but just like that older sister, she's growing up!!
and all too fast...

happy birthday, again, violet mae. :))
love you love you

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