as of this last month, austin has a brand new children's museum!
thinkery was originally in downtown austin and a little underdeveloped, but after a revamp/planning, austin reintroduced it's fabulous new spot hot spot for kids!
the museum is wonderful! it's full of neat exhibits for all ages and all ranges of attention spans. ;) and it's all hands on and bee-friendly! some of her favorites were the craft stations and they even had smaller play areas for small kiddies, too! violet appreciated that. ;)
our last stop was the padded playground. a fun place for them (both girls) to roll and jump and play. violet loved that she could do all that her big-sis bee was doing!!
from the dark room with the giant lite-brite, to the water room with the hands-on fountain, to the huge rope playground, this place had us impressed! and after hearing bee rave about it, we will definitely be going back, soon!

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