thanksgiving friendsgiving

with it being our very first on-our-own thanksgiving you would have thought we would jump on the cooking and make elaborate plans for our huge feast. uhhh... nope.
we heard from some close friends that they go out every year for thanksigiving dinner! no prep, no cleaning, no never-ending gorging or endless leftovers! it sounded almost ridiculous, but we decided why not. just this once. :)
so with that same group of friends we headed to the riverwalk of san antonio to celebrate!
it really was a lovely visit. the riverwalk and our hotel were so nice. and the feast was quite a feast!!
with the hotel restraunt being the best place around AND spanish, the food was amazing.
we had our usual turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and potatoes... but add to that paella, ceviche, mussels, etc. mmm.
having that and our friends there with us was such a lovely experience. and to be surrounded by a festive christmas lit town like san antonio made for a fabulous thanksgiving and a wonderful trip!

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