so thankful

i'm one lucky lady. especially this year. it started with the birth of our precious baby violet mae, then a major move across the country {squeeze in new/real job for adam and lovely new home}, good health, lots of visits {to and from family}, new and rekindled amazing friendships... really this list could go on for days! i am so so blessed, on a daily basis and it is astounding that i have in some way deserved this blissful life. there's so much good and happy right now, it makes up for all the dark and gloom in the past. and really does make the light that much brighter. life is a blessing in it self and to be given it and those i live it with is the greatest blessing of all. i'm so thankful for my smooch and my girls. for my family. for our family. for our friends. for our health and all the happiness we have.

happy thanksgiving to you all. now and throughout life. :)

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BWei said...

Happy days and memories--so glad ya'll are doing well.