oh cwissmiss twees

living in the country allows for a lot of things. space, freedom, fresh air. oh, and endless tracts of christmas trees! :) 
we only debated for a second on where to get our tree this year... then realized the perfect one would be somewhere near our fence!
so, we loaded the girls into their wagon, open the gate {allowing for two dogs and two cats to join} and head down the way. we searched only for a bit when we stumbled upon a couple of darling trees. both with lots of character. ;) so with the help of our lumberjack daddy, we were all set. and with the help of our two girls/elves {okay, maybe violet helped disassemble} we had our trees trimmed in no time! 
bee and i had done some christmas crafting a few days prior, making some ornaments for her tree. she was so happy to craft and very proud of her work! add those, a few candy canes and some other soft {baby-friendly} ornaments and you have a couple of cute and festive trees!
i love watching our two gaze at their threes {one in bee's room} and seeing a little twinkle in their eye. :) 
i really love this time of year. especially with our babies!

"oh, cwissmiss twee!!" 

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