christmas this year was extra special. we {our little family} were in our new house, with our two little ones! planning and prepping for the big morning is so fun now!!
the night before {christmas eve} we had a wonderful feast of stuffed crab, scallops, mashed potatoes {with the skins!}, ginger carrots {momma's recipe}, croissants, fancy cheese and tons of bubbly. we really stuffed ourselves silly and it was so good. it's a perfect tradition we have started! we all love having seafood for our christmas eve dinner. bee and violet even enjoyed it, too!
after dinner we opened a few gifts {from momma and daddy/smooch} then before bed we watched the beautiful nativity film. it so sweet and simple. and bee loves it. she can narrate the whole thing. from the angels to the shepherds to mary on a donkey. but her favorite is baby jesus in the manger. and sometimes she'll add the little drummer boy, too. ;)
if you haven't seen or shared this little clip with your little ones, i suggest you do. it really made an impression on our bee.
then off to bed we went, for out long winters naps. ;)
then, quick as a flash, morning came.
the girls were so sweet. they didn't wake up until almost 830 {we as kids always were closer to 6am}!!
bee popped in our room stating santa had been there and presents were under the tree!
it kinda surprised us that she didn't just help herself. i guess she wanted to share that experience with her family together. ;)
so we opened presents... later leading adam out to the shed for his santa surprise {a wheel barrel}. :)
then we ate some breakfast and played with our new toys! we took the girls upstairs with their new things and we all played on the floor until lunch. :)
afterwards we all got dressed and headed to granny's for a big christmas feast. it was nice to have her close and more than insistent on making us dinner! love that, granny.
once we stuffed ourselves silly we came home and napped until dark! then once we finally woke up, we ate our second helping of christmas eve dinner and played some more {the girls play/share pretty well with their toys!}
later on we loaded up to go out for a christmas-lights drive.
our neighbors really know how to share the spirit of christmas through the displays and lights they put up. i had never seen such a lit neighborhood! at least ever other house was lit. it was darling. and very much appreciated by bee. she love love loves her some christmas lights!
after our drive we headed back home, shared some milk and then headed to bed {only after some light reading, of course!}.
it was a full and fun day with our little ones. and we loved every minute. christmas really was so much more magical with them there. and to share it with them while we start our own family traditions {in our new home} was perfectly merry. :)

we hope you had a merry little christmas, too!!

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