christmas in ga

so our original plan for our christmas visit to ga was as follows:
airport--->kids to gramma's--->smooch's and my anniversary out on the town--->crow christmas @ kennesaw--->goodwin christmas @ buford/athens--->home.
well somewhere in there a wrench was thrown. and by wrench i mean germs. and lots of them.
as we landed in atlanta we all felt great and were so excited for the fun ahead. my mom and siblings met us at the airport to pick up the girls so adam and i could spend the night downtown for our {9th!!} anniversary. so off they went and off we went. fun fun fun. the next day we met back up with the crows and celebrated with my dad for his birthday. and we ate ate ate. and it was so so good.
then it happened....
that night i was up every hour. sick as a dog. which ultimately meant i was out of commission the following day. i lay in bed and was waited on by everyone. it was terrible but also wonderful. i hated being such a puny burden, but it was so nice to have so much help. especially with the girls.
and as i progressively got better, my smooch and violet got worse. different symptoms, but sick no less.
we did end up having our christmas with my family, just in a less traditional way. and then the next day we were feeling much better but the yuck had gotten my parents! they were in bed for the rest of our trip...
and with all the yuck we had shared, we decided it best not to pass it to the goodwins and merrells {new baby} so we stayed in kennesaw/bed for the remainder of our trip!
looking back, it turned out to be a nice and pleasant visit. just peppered with un-pleasantries and illness. we loved having the time and ability to lounge, rest and get well. and again, to have so much help throughout it all!! had it been adam and i and the girls alone at home, it would have been really rough. sick parents trying to take care of babies is something i would not wish on anyone.
but we are all well now. and home. and the crows are on the mend. so all is well. and not seeing everyone {especially that new baby, clark!} only gives us all excuses to fly back and forth for more visits!!

merry {and well} wishes for you all this christmas!!

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