christmas at the library

one of the best parts about living in a country town is the small-town charm. and we have such a precious downtown here in bastrop. it has the mom-and-pop stores, great restaurants, little boutiques, cupcake spots, so on and so on. 
but one of our favorites is our public library! they provide a lot of activities and are involved in everything in our community {parades, fairs, etc}. they have great summer programs and story times, but the best by far was the christmas they put on! 
little did we know what a big ordeal the christmas party is at our little library! it involved tons of kids, graham cracker house decorating, live harp music {bee's favorite instrument! she even got to play!}, sweets and drinks galore and the claus's!! 
to walk in and see santa and his wife sitting and waiting to see us was really wonderful. and despite what may be pictured above, the girls were thrilled to see both of the claus's! 
it was such a fun morning spent with our neighbors and friends and santa! 
we really loved it. 

we really love our o' little town of bastrop. ;)

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