my bee is three!!

photo c/o heather moore

“listen to the mustn'ts, child.
listen to the don'ts. 
listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. 
listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... anything can happen, child. anything can be.” 
- shel silverstein

it's amazing how time moves so swiftly, and although i am in this life, it somehow still zooms by in front of me as if i were just a spectator. my little baby bee is now three years old. i have had her for three years! how has that happened?? how is that possible??

i love this girl with all i have. every tiny part of me. she's such a fascinating and intelligent little one. and there are qualities she holds that i never could. the way she interacts with others, even strangers and the light she bears is so sweet and good. to me, she is such a true example of pure love and honesty.
each day i spend with her, i get to learn more about and understand her. and we are building this remarkable relationship that i hope and pray continues to flourish and strengthen throughout the years. i want to always be her best friend. at least her really close friend {her choice}. the kind that she can trust and rely on and confide in. regularly i forget and then later remember that i am so much of those things to her now. that what we have and are creating is so so important to her. now.
i try to remind myself constantly that the tiny things we do and say to one another are really big to her. little moments where we are together and happy and close are so important. important to us both!! and i have to constantly slow down my life to recognize that and to cherish and hold those moments.
nothing warms and melts my heart more than hearing her laugh and seeing her smile because of something involving me. for me to be responsible for that kind of reaction is thrilling.
i really only want to make her happy. for us to be deliriously happy together. and despite also being a mean momma sometimes {her words}, i know that we can. we are. best friends. forever.

i love love love my charlotte bee. to the moon. and am so blessed to have her here on this earth with me.

happy birthday, big girl. i love you so, i love you so.
love, momma

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