gamma's birthday

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!!
happy birthday dear gamma, happy birthday to you!!!!

so right before she flew out to see us, we snuck some plans to throw gamma a big {suprise} family soiree at our local taco spot. we got everyone together and even got cake and flowers {and balloons!!} there without her even having a sneak suspicion!
the look on her face when we arrived {seeing her loved ones gathered} was perfect!!

we had a really great night with all my momma's family {her momma and brother and wife and all their kids
}. not to mention us and ours, too.
the weather was perfect, the food was yummy and the occasion was just right. and despite missing my dad and siblings, it made for a pretty fun and special night for my momma. :)
so so glad we could share that night with her.
being able to surprise her was icing on the cake! ;)

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