gamma comes for a (birthday) visit

it's always a treat when gamma comes to visit. it's like tiny christmas. :) having my best friend fly in to stay and play for a bit is so much fun. whether we are cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, shopping or just sipping teaccino and chatting, it's my favotire. adam especially looks forward to her visits - aka her cooking! ;) and bee always looks forward to the cupcake baking, too.

for this visit, she came just in time for halloween and even got to stay and celebrate her birthday (nov 1) with us. we made sure to do it up big, too! we were able to (somehow) surprise her with a big family gathering with cake and flowers and balloons! but, more on that later. :)

sure do love you, momma. it's tough being so far from you most days, but then when you hop off that jet and into our cruiser it's like i said, tiny christmas.
"wuv you wots and wots, gamma."
come and stay and play again, soon!!!

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terriecrow said...

All my pleasure! Loved every minute of it!