these two

violet is crawling! and trying to pull up and chatting and mimicking bee and growing hair and saying "momma" and eating eating eating and growing growing growing. she loves to dance and tries to sing, too! she laughs and flirts and chats all over the place. a real social butterfly. and a real sweetheart. especially to that big sister bee. :)

bee is talking. all the time. in sentences. in questions. in statements and demands. she is so smart and inquisitive. she has an amazing memory and she can retain all sorts of information and recite it on the spot. she loves to play tic-tac-toe with writing x's and o's. and sometimes t's {she knows the difference}. she draws rainbows and balloons on most anything. she can can carry on all sorts of real serious conversations with her friends {real and make-believe}. she's a super big help, especially with baby violet. :)

these two are morphing before me and all too quickly. i love love them together and the loving relationship they are building. it melts my heart and makes life so sweet. my adam and i are so blessed to have them and be with them. i'm so so glad families are forever. i cannot imagine this life or the next without being with them.

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