heather the amazing

i have officially become that girl who has neglected to have portraits of her second child as a newborn, or family portraits in the appropriate allotted time in life. i do feel like i have some pretty legitimate excuses... but i still fell into that unavoidable phase. so once life slowed down a tiny bit i made it a priority to find a photographer. i did the typical shout-out for help in the world of social media to find that perfect {but reasonable} photographer nearby. i had done searches previously around the austin area, and they all had beautiful photos and techniques, but i still wasn't in love. then a dear friend wrote me and suggested her dear friend, heather moore! one quick {but thorough} look through her blog and portfolio and i was in love. and i really mean it when i say that! i love love love her photos. they are flawless. the lighting, the color. i really could go on and on. her work was perfect. and to top it all off, she uses film! film is not dead, folks!! 

immediately i told adam all about her, showing him her work and finally convincing him it was high time we had some professional photos of us four before our girls {especially that baby violet} get too big!! the biggest part was to capture us in our element. in our home. to have it look as natural and carefree as possible. the less posing the better. and after speaking with heather, that was her vision, too! 

so on a super foggy morning she drove the hour out to our little house and started her magic {did i mention she's also pregnant?? she's super woman, that girl}! as we headed upstairs, the sun shown brightly through the windows and created the most beautiful light. and then the same amazing light filled the entire house and all around outside. it turned out to be such a beautiful day! 

our entire experience with her was so lovely. and although we had two little ones who i worried would have ideas of their own, they managed to stay involved and happy throughout. it was wonderful. she was so calm and patient it made for such a relaxed and easy setting for us and the girls. 

my final request was for our girls to sit in our big farm sink and play. that was really the icing on the cake. those photos will always be favorites of my two girls. they turned out so beautiful!!

heather really has an amazing eye for what she does. i am so appreciative of her talents and patience with us. she was such a pleasure to work with and i'm so privileged to consider her a friend, now! :)

thanks again heather!

now go here to her beautiful website and book her for your very own. i promise you'll love her, too.


Dru Clegg said...

oh goodness! 56/58 is such a perfect photo!

kimberly said...

ohh this melts my sappy little mama heart. baby Violet is perfection and you have the brightest smile Janie. thanks for being such a light in this world.

BWei said...

These are absolutely gorgeous and so YOU. Love love it.