gimme gimme

despite it not being quite november... {just three more days} i am already in "the zone". maybe because this will be like the first for-real/bee-gets-it holiday!! 
i'm just a wee bit excited. :) not to mention, this will be the very first christmas we will have to ourselves in our new home. we can start/continue sweet traditions with our girls. 
something i have longed for even before i had any children! 
i have always love love loved thanksgiving and christmas time, but i know that this year will be extra special with two little ones. the magic of the holidays is extra wonderful with little believers to share it with. :) 
and although our neck of the woods won't feel like the holiday season for some time, i still love that it's coming anyway. and christmas in texas is so fun! there are some really fun things to do and neat things to see {6th st neighborhood all lit with christmas lights, to name one}!!

now, the food around this time of year {esp the soups and sweets and pumpkin everything} is the best. and then the pears and citrus and cheese and all those other warm things you can snack on. such comfort food, you know?
oh, and we love crafts here, but holiday crafts are always extra fun. esp kiddie crafts. and i have found some really cute ideas! one is a fun nativity that bee and i can create together. something we can bring out year after year and have memories of making together.
sappy i know... but i just can't help it. :)
also i found a lovely new way to "fake calligraphy". planning on using that to address our christmas cards. meaning, gotta get those cards made, too!
and finally, since i love wreaths... we have tons of cedar around outside the house that we have been trimming, so i will def be bring lots of that in to decorate with.

it's nuts to think that the holidays are almost here, and then before you know it they're over and it's a new year! so hopefully i can get on the ball and get these fun things rolling.
although, i have a feeling my little "helpers" will be sure to remind me. regularly. :)

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