a girl's trip

a couple of weeks ago our sweet aunt bedas, cousins coraleigh and calista, and of course nanz came to stay in texas with us for a few days. we were so happy to see all of their happy faces and have the opportunity to spend time and play with them.

we went on a few adventures {an autsin duck tour, to name one} and found time to also make halloween cookies, play in the yard with the dogs and watch a movie on the porch {to name a few}. a visit to see adam at work {for some clean teeth} was also a treat! ;)

the visit was action packed, but also relaxed. the girls got to spend lots of quality time together and with their nanz. i do think the girls loved the entire visit but i know for a fact that one of their favorites was a stop by the sugar shack for a few treats. also, bee was formally inducted into the little mermaid club per a "present from bedas"!! bee was thrilled to receive a handmade set of shells and fin. it's something she will cherish until that poor dress is merely dangling threads.

thanks again for the fabulous visit, ladies. oh, and you too, "prince pear tart" {manda's first boy, due in dec}!!
love you all, and see you soon.

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