there are few things more precious in this world than best friends. and my charlotte bee has been blessed with some of the best of the best. namely, luke mitchell.

luke, {or "wook"} is such a sweet sweet little boy. now, bee has many friends who are boys {quite the tomboy, herself} and girls that she loves and gets along great with, but there is none other like our little luke. and even since these kiddies were first introduced over a year and a half ago, they have been connected at the hip {or hand} since. ;)

we met up with him {and his momma and new baby brother} and even more fun friends at the zoo {and later again, at chickfila} while we were in atlanta a couple of weeks ago and the two of them were talking and giggling and holding hands. the. whole. time. inseparable.
we mommas decided we could have been anywhere else that day and they would have still had a blast together.

the friendship between these two is quite amazing. i never really thought it possible for toddlers to have a serious/for-real friendship with one another, but these two have proved it so. and it is so wonderful to watch the interaction between them. it is so sweet. and so entertaining! the interesting part is they hadn't even seen each other in months {months!}, and yet upon their reunion it was as if they had never been apart.
they picked up right were they had left off.

now, i try not to push it or force anything {for pictures and whatnot}, but it doesn't have to be. they naturally just love each other and enjoy being together and aren't afraid or shy about displaying that affection.
yes, i know i'm talking about kids, but i know as they grow it may never be as sweet and innocent and pure as it is now {am i really talking about kids??}. so to see it that way when we did was such a treat.
i love love them together! it really melts my heart. :))

thanks sarah for being so approving of this relationship! and i love love you, too. :))

we can't wait to see him {and sarah and andy} again, soon!!
charlotte bee sure does love that bff, luke. :)

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