violet mae makes my day

if you haven't already had the pleasure, please let me introduce you to miss violet mae.
this baby girl is pushing nine months now, and has grown into such a little lady!
she's the best sitter-upper i have ever seen. so much so that she can do reverse crunches. on an incline!
she's babbling constantly, mostly in unison with big-sis bee. i'm pretty sure she thinks she's saying everything charlotte bee is saying. and at the exact same time, of course.
she is soooo close to crawling. she can literally do the splits and has perfected the scoot and backward scoot.
she loves almost any type of food she can get her pudgy little hands on, but i've noticed recently she actually prefers bbq! ;) oh, and fruit of any kind {that includes avocado}.
she has grown the cutest and most impressive cotton-candy-mohawk on the top of her perfect round head and has mile-long lashes growing from her huge beautiful eyes.
still no teeth, but according to dr. daddy, they're so so close!
she can wave, sometimes while saying "bah!" and loves to flirt and play shy with friends, family and strangers alike.
she knows her name, always quick to respond to it being called and loves it when i say "momma" to her {over and over}!
she's the smiley-est 8 month old right now and can make friends from a distance with that smile of hers.
she loves to give kisses {open-mouth} and prefers to be snuggled and hugged on constantly. i really don't know what i would do with myself if both my girls weren't so super affectionate {oh, and my smooch too!}!! we hug and smooch on that sweet baby all day!
when she naps near me and holds my arm, it melts my heart.
and this little one is the apple of our eye. our sunshine.
not a morning comes that she doesn't wake up beaming. grinning ear to ear. happy to be our "baby bi-let". :) i just love that precious face and could never tire of how sweet and beautiful it is.

we sure love you, sweet violet mae!!

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