the fair

it was the glorious time of year for the fayette county fair. it's actually a family tradition {on my momma's side} to attend this regularly. well, it had been quite awhile for any of us to go and my momma had decided that it was the perfect tradition to bring back with us here. especially for charlotte bee! this night was specifically dedicated to her. ;)

we started with a few kiddies rides, a snocone, lemonade and a funnel cake and then ended the evening with bigger, more exciting rides. bee actually insisted she ride the giant ferris wheel and roller coaster {like father, like daughter}!! we even had some face painting, dancing, john deere-riding and live stock-visiting! i can honestly say there is no where on this earth bee could have enjoyed herself more or felt more in her element! she's since asked for chickens and a goat.
she really is a country girl. ;)

another indication that this evening was a hit is how blurry most of the pictures are. that girl was go go going all night! such a fun filled time with gamma. oh, and of course adam, violet and i enjoyed ourselves, too.
how could you not with such a happy bee?!!

thanks gamma for a really fun evening. can't wait until next year! :)

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