you can probably guess from the photos that our beach trip was amazing. ;) but if you're not 100% convinced, allow me to elaborate. :)

we live six hours from a pretty beautiful beach here in tx called south padre island. it's about as close to a mexican beach you can get around here without any issues, right now. so labor day week {best time to book beach travel, btw} we loaded up the family wagon and drove down one morning, only to get there at the perfect time - to head straight to the beach. :)

the end of summer allows for ample beach time without 1000's of other bodies on the beach {school's in!}. going on vacation during "low season" has always been the best experience for us. typically we do spring break or end of summer, and for perfect temps {air and water} the end of summer was just right. and with it mostly to ourselves it made for a lovely low-key vacation.

now, other than that beach being so wonderful, we also stayed in a fabulous hotel right on that beach! although we did not have a pool connected to the ocean, it was pretty dang close. ;) and that pool! the. best. pool. other than it being huge, it had a typical end and then it had a beach-like gradual end! so you could sit in it and have an ocean-like experience with the shallow water. it was violet's favorite spot! as a matter of fact, mine, too! and the kiddie pool was lovely, as were the hot tubs/spas. ;)

okay okay, enough about our accommodations! ha

the weather was so nice. the heat was there but then so was that amazing sea breeze! and then one day it did rain, but only long enough for naps and a lovely in-house lunch {the hotel restaurant was delicious} and then back to the beach!

it's crazy how bee was terrified of the ocean when we went to florida back in april, but just a few short months later and she was all about her some ocean! she especially loved having her daddy out there with her jumping in the waves! and both my girls love love sand. bee prefers to dig in it while violet prefers to dig in and taste it. ;) and both were perfectly content to sit and dig in that sand so long as their daddy was right there next to them. building castles and digging moats. :) i'm so glad adam got time off to play with us girls. and to relax at the beach. it's amazing what a few days in/near the ocean can do for a body and mind!

oh! and we also had the pleasure of gamma coming with us!! this part was extra nice. the girls got to play with her and i even got some time alone with her {sitting in that pool!}. and she was so much help! mostly with swimming, running and playing with bee. ;) and to top things off, she even offered us a few date nights! it was so wonderful.
i told her we may never travel without her, again! ;)

so there you have it.
have i convinced you that we actually had a really nice time? thought so. ;)
i really do hope we've started the tradition to go every year at the end of the summer.
it really is the best time to hit the beach! only next time, gampa has got to come, too!! :)

see you soon, spi!

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