recently in atlanta

while in georgia a few weeks ago we were able to see and do a lot with our friends and family. we started the trip with some hanging out and a trip to the zoo. seeing the marsh's, the mitchell's, mclain's, and the cawley's, then later the goodwin's/merrell's, the dohogne-jones and a fowler. :)

the zoo was wonderful as you have already seen in all the luke/bee pics, and the marsh's were fabulous as always. then later on, towards the end of our atlanta trip my smooch finally flew his way out to join us in our fun. aaron {adam's special brother} and his sweet wifey deanna were kind enough to pick him up from his past-bedtime flight and bring him to us. :) after they all arrived we headed out on a double date for some sweet milkshakes. it was so fun to catch up and goof off with them, again! it had definitely been awhile...

the following morning we all headed to mountain biscuit for an awesome breakfast {think mountain-sized biscuits} and then to kennesaw mountain to throw a frisbee and go for a walk.
did i mention the weather was perrrfect? even a bit chilly! we actually had the pleasure of feeling fall while we were there. mmm. love fall in georgia.
anywho, later that day, we met up with cousins coraleigh and calista and nanz and aunt joann. they all went to see the peter rabbit {bee's favorite} puppet show, make little peter rabbits and hop all over the theater. bee still talks about mr mcgregor! :)
then we enjoyed some donuts and milk afterwards, which i'm sure made the trip for bee!

later on we met up with our auntie ashlyn and "honky" and "bonky". they had made the trip all the way from disgusta to see us!! it was good to be close to them again. we facetime pretty regularly, but it really had been too long since we saw them and hugged them last! spending time with them was so good. :)
i hope we can always have these mini reunions with them whenever we're in georgia!! :)

it really made us feel so so loved to be visited by so many loved ones during our visit.
we have such amazing family and friends in georgia. thanks for making it such a wonderful visit!!
love love all of you guys. :)


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