nanz and poppa in texas

a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having our nanz and poppa fly out for a quick visit. nanz has come a couple times since we have moved out here, but trip was all about poppa. :)

he wanted to see the area, try some texas bbq and maybe go fishing with his charbee and bub {my smooch}. so that's exactly what we did!

we gave him the grand tour, including our home and our sweet town and then drove him to the big city {austin} for some salt lick bbq. it was fantastic, by the way! :)

we ended the visit with what became a very rewarding night of fishing at granny's house out in the country. it was the perfect time of day {just before sunset} and the fish were definitely biting! poppa caught a few bass, a few perch and a couple catfish! and my smooch and bee caught us some catfish and bass, too!

it made for a great experience and for great memories, and i think we showed poppa a good time. :)

come back again, soon poppa. the fish are waiting!!

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