these seven months

our darling violet mae is 7 months {and 11 days :/ } now!! i cannot get over how fast this year is going by. seems like just the other day we were swaddling our tiny new girl and changing her teeny tiny diapers. ;)

now this big girl can sit up all by herself. and likes to practice her reverse crunches while touching her toes! she gets mad at us if we don't serve her whatever we are eating and is said by all she meets to be "the happiest baby" they have ever seen!! she really is a smiley and charming little girl. and "those eyes" is another common one we hear. ;)

she has perfect brows and her lashes are almost to her hairline! plus, i can almost pull two piggy tails in back. oh! and her peach fuzz on the top of her head is a good two inches long in some spots! we sure love that little faux-hawk she is sporting up there!

her dimples {cheeks, elbows, knees, etc} are so yummy to chew and smooch on and her little tummy is bee's favorite place to tickle her and make her giggle. no one can make this baby laugh like that big-sis bee. still violet's all time favorite. :)

we love love love this sweet sweet baby and her little sassy personality she's got! we also love that she's starting to chat more. the dada's and yaya's are more often now, so maybe we can get a "momma" in there, soon!! :)

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