our daddy's diy's

    our kitchen now has new butcher block counters. cabinets and back splash to be updated next!!
  our fence now has a proper front entrance gate and beautiful lattice archway and
even a bridge from the road!! :)
   our back steps now have proper rails!
 and a favorite, the hook racks he made and mounted for me in our hallway! those old knobs now have a new use in a new spot in our house. and our girls have their own spot to hang their things. :)

okay, i knew from the beginning that i married a creative guy capable of wonderful and amazing things, but little did i know how impressive his craftsmanship and eye for design were! if i think of something and explain in slight detail he can whip it together, no sweat. and it always turns out lovelier than i could have imagined! and even though he works long hard days, he still makes time to play with us girls and then to work on our little projects around the house!

it all started with the counters. no, he didn't fabricate them, but he cut and installed those bad boys like it was his day job. and all by "hisself" {as bee would say}!! they turned out great and he is still conditioning and perfecting them on a daily basis. ours will be the best you'll have ever seen when we're finished!

then recently a friend suggested a front gate with a bridge, and adam was all over that idea. he knew how he wanted it to look, bought some supplies and a few days later it was complete! the gate frame we found on our property {not sure what the original owner had intended for its use, but worked perfectly in that spot}. so he wired on some fencing {from the hole he cut}, dug us some posts and put it all together. we had a few of the archways in back so he brought one to the front entryway, to make it more inviting. and i think it really completes the look. and then with the bridge {rails to be added a little later} he sanded, stained and set those boards and they became the perfect walkway into our home!
i can't wait for the jasmine to take over, next. :)

once that was finished he was quick to add the stair rails {for safety purposes} to our back porch, which he is already a master in crafting {huge outdoor classroom/deck eagle project under his belt}. then my hook racks were an easy and fast task for him. a couple planks of wood, some staining/distressing and those knobs i hadn't been using. and done. they look fabulous. perfect, really.

oh, and he has also started planning and designing a bed and our wood floors {more later-on projects}, practicing different types of staining and distressing. i can't wait for those!!! they will be so beautiful.

in closing, i just had to share. okay, more like brag... how wonderful my husband is and what amazing work he is capable of creating {duhh}!! i am so appreciative of his hard work and eye for design.
oh, and patience with my nagging. ;)

i really love having these handmade additions as a part of our first home.

smooch, i love you so i love you so!!

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