making progress

after about thirty or so days we are finally getting things in order and finding a place for most of our things to go. a little at a time. a place for everything and everything in its place, right? ;)

i really love our new home. it's so quiet, and open and has so much amazing light. most days we play outside until it gets too warm then we girls play in our house, sometimes cooking or crafting or drawing on our chalk board. and living so close to our downtown we have plenty to do on those days we want to get out. then if we're feeling adventurous, we head a little further to the big city {austin} to play, too!

we have family all around us to visit regularly, and in some cases to meet for the first time! my girls are so fortunate to live in such a lovely and charming place surrounded by such friendly folks who always smile and make us feel welcomed.

we girls are also very lucky to have daddy and his work so close by. most days he gets to come home for lunch! that's something we will never tire of. :)

so as we settle in a little more and i get some time to myself to put this place together, room by room, i'll snap some pics to keep y'all updated. which reminds me, we have also started redoing our kitchen and are adding to our yard/gate and building a small bridge! so even more to show you as all of that progresses! :)

so, like i always say, stay tuned!!

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BWei said...

Ooh ooh! Can't wait to see more!