when nanz and gamma come to play

we were so thrilled to hear that gamma and nanz had booked flights to come see us!! we weren't expecting them until the labor day holiday but were overjoyed that they just couldn't wait that long! :)

time with them is so wonderful and truly cherished now that we are far from home. and for these two to come together was like an early christmas present! bee could hardly stand the excitement once we told her they were coming.

words can't describe how grateful and lucky we are to have two fabulous grandmothers who love our girls so much. and they're pretty good at being mom's, too!. ;) time sure flew by with them here but the time spent was just the right dose of delight we needed this week. again, having them come together was the best idea, yet!

between baking, reading, napping and laughing i think our nanz and gamma got a good fill of violet and bee to hold them over for a bit. but we have to admit that they just left hours ago and we already miss them terribly!

thanks again for the lovely visit, y'all, and can't wait to see you next month!!

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