we are family

- just us crows. and my two little goodwins. :)

it's funny how you can look at a word for so long that the spelling of it begins to look strange. FAMILY is one of those words, today. it makes me think about my own family, 5 states over... wondering what they're up to today...

had this not been a time of advanced communication, this big, life-changing transition would have been far more difficult!! okay, maybe impossible. :)
but thanks to modern technology we {us in texas and those in ga} can literally SEE one another every day.
it's amazing!

gramma and nana get to share every story time, bath time, meal time and playtime whenever they choose. and even if someone is not feeling 100%, we can still sit and chat awhile.
all those precious moments are still shared with family, regardless of how far they physically are from us!

to still be able to see each other and hear one another's voice on a regular basis makes this new home feel like it's just down the street from our loved ones. and with our growing baby girls, i know for a fact that their gma's {and everyone else we love} are quite grateful for that. :)

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Nana Kacky said...

I have thought about the pioneers a lot lately and how they lives were so different from our's! When they kissed their loved ones good-bye and rolled off into the sunrise, it was often the last time they would see each other in this life. Boy, am I glad times have changed! Thank goodness for modern technology and airplanes!!!