bloom where you're planted

if you had told me this time last year (just returning home from our trip to tx) that i would be living where i am now i would have literally rolled my eyes and laughed. hard. but fast forward a few months from then and you're in a very interesting phase of our lives.

it was early fall and we {okay, more like adam} had started job searching. he was sending his résumé/cv to anyone within the Georgia area. north to south to east to west. all over. we were driving all over the state checking out areas and offices. but there was no response (literally none). so we moved our interest boundaries out a few miles. okay, more like a few states.

we started looking in south carolina, alabama, tennessee and then virginia. north carolina and florida came later on {different credentials and licensing}. and still hardly any bites. no one seemed interested in selling their practice or just taking on an associate!

this was a very confusing and trying time for us. we had zero leads and a list of needs for our future homestead:

not ghetto
not suburbs
interesting outdoors
beach access {close/travel}
career positives
home potential
fun/historic attractions
good school
close to airport
access to cities
safe neighborhood
fenced yard
*lots of windows
*simple revamps

those last two being more "wants" than "needs". ;)
but at the very top {went without saying} was "close proximity to family".

we thought for sure early preparation would be rewarded. most folks plan ahead right? especially when it comes to jobs and relocating. well apparently in the dental field that's not so. more like unheard of. so what were we supposed to do?? wait? patiently????

in the meantime we were back and forth from augusta to atlanta on adam's hospital rotation {best distraction for us}. we were planning out what we thought we should be doing over the next few months. finding more spots to visit and send resumes, but mostly preparing for the arrival of our little violet. ;) that's when virginia happened.

oh virginia. i still have the fondest memories of those wonderful visits. that state will always hold a piece of my heart. if you ever want to be taken by a place, visit Virginia in early fall. lovely. and to visit with our dear friends we hadn't seen in so long {the weiler's and the campbell's} was icing on that cake. :))
oh harrisonburg. talk about an amazing and fantastical spot. i seriously imagined us there and never ever wanted to consider another spot. it was heaven. seriously.

the area of harrisonburg is so incredibly charming. and to be near charlottesville, richmond, dc, and close to baltimore, ny, etc was like a dream. we could live in farm country and drive into the big city for a date. there was so much to see and do outside. it was so clean and fresh and the sights were breathtaking. literally. and bee was finally introduced to {real} mountains and farms and she too was in heaven. i honestly think that her response was a major factor in me loving it there, too. i felt like it was the perfect place to raise our bee. and how could one not be happy in a place like that??

okay, so back to reality. haha there was that one tiny detail. the job. it sounded too good to be true... and turns out it was. that was a hard thing to swallow but that was okay because we knew things would work out. then another opportunity arose a little further south in roanoke. so with our then one-week-old violet and our bee we made another trip in january just in time for one of the biggest and most beautiful snows that state had seen. and boy was it pretty. so our tummies were filled with butterflies, again and we proceeded to imagine ourselves in that glorious state, again. but wait. tiny detail... that job! and yet again, too good to be true! regardless of how much we loved virginia and the amazing time we spent there it just was not meant to be. a really really hard thing to swallow. so again, we backed off and moved on. reminding ourselves it would all work out.

so here it was almost february. adam's residency was ending in june. four months. four tiny months!!! 120 something days. little time left to figure life out. but we were hopeful. and prayerful and a little anxious-full. ;)

now rewind a bit into our last brush with virginia and the welcoming of our new baby and there's a very interesting night to be had. we were in atlanta for the month in our little apartment. new baby and bee keeping us busy and exhausted. ;) oh and adam on call at the hospital. so during this night adam gets an invite for a conference-chat-video-interview. just getting home from the hospital, barely eating any dinner and fighting off a nagging bee he takes off his scrub top, puts on a t-shirt, shrugs his shoulders at his ragged appearance and then closes himself up in the only bedroom we had while i entertained both girls and visited with my bf lis in the den. all was well.

at that point i really didn't think much of what was going on, considering we hadn't had much time to talk in that last 36 hrs or so. but i did my duty and enjoyed my visit. then when he came back out we asked how it went. he said he really didn't know but felt like he was his true self. no "interviewing fluff" with the frame of professionalism. just honest and straightforward and mostly exhausted. and that was that. interesting night for sure.

after that night we decided we would just pray and hope. just like always. if something showed itself in good light we would move forward. but until then we had to take a mental break.

so moving up a week or so from that night and in came a random opportunity in victoria, tx. oil country. aka middle of nowhere, tx. but it sounded like a great opportunity so we moved forward and planned out our visit. in the meantime the recent interviewers contacted adam with a positive note, and with them being just hours from victoria we invited ourselves for a visit there as well. did i mention their office was in bastrop? exactly where my family had moved from prior to atlanta? oh and did i also mention all of my extended family lives within just miles of there as well?? minor detail, i know. and the thought did cross my mind. but then blew right back out. no way. not bastrop, again. "been there done that" i believe is what i told adam. but let's entertain the idea enough to see it and ax it, right?

well victoria was a bust. not at all what we wanted or what adam could see himself doing. and the location was almost enough of an issue. middle. of. no. where. so we smiled and graciously left and headed towards granny's house for the final stop of our visit. sitting in my granny's house and contemplating what was really being considered became surreal and then very real. but the pessimist in me halted and i decided to consider the interview-dinner about to happen just that. a dinner. a free dinner with nothing to lose. we weren't doing anything else, we had already come all that way, so why not?

then it happened. we had dinner with some exceptionally friendly individuals. and the strangest part {okay the best part} was that the evening spent with them was like an evening spent with long-time friends. relaxed. fun. and a little exciting. once dinner was through and we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways we decided we had done all we could and the rest would be up to The Lord. oh and our new friends/future coworkers in bastrop. ;)

so as you might have guessed, it worked out. :) it was crazy and we never could have planned it this way ourselves but it all worked out even better than we had imagined. even when looking for a house, we could not have been more guided and led to where we have ended up.

it's our little slice of heaven on upola court. we live at the end of the road {not even paved, mind you} in a charming house on almost two lovely acres, just down from the colorado river. our yard is fenced in and filled with amazing foliage and wildlife {hopefully soon to be studied and identified}. every morning, usually after adam drives 8 mins to work, we girls swing on our porch swing watching birds and butterflies occupying our yard, then later bee insisting on eating lunch on the porch. then we usually end the day with a walk near the river or playing and digging in our yard while the girls play in their undies with the dogs and the water hose. spotting bunnies, lizards, turkeys, etc. and then once the babies are asleep my smooch and i head back to the porch in the peaceful dark looking up at that big, open and star-filled texas sky while we say over and over, "wow".

we really did it. and it's almost too much to believe. we are so blessed to be where we are. and bee could not love it more. which in turn also means i could not love it more. and i do. i really really love it here. a part of me will always miss being close to family, but again with the advances in modern communication and travel they really aren't that far away. and we have so much family here, too! blood related and our friends we have made. they have been amazing.

we really are so so blessed to have been guided to where we are now. it was a long and crazy adventure but it really worked out better than we could have ever hoped for. and even if this dream is short term, i know this is "the place", so to say. it's where we are meant to be right now.

so now it's time to "bloom where we have been planted."
and I can't wait to see what happens! :)


Ash said...

I'm so glad you guys are exactly where you are supposed to be! I haven't even been there but I can just tell from the pictures and how happy y'all are!

BWei said...

What a beautiful post and we are so happy for you, even though it would have been so awesome if you'd been here. Man, your description makes me want to visit Texas pronto! Can't wait to see pics of your house and land.