violet is almost six months old

i feel bad for not keeping a running log of my baby violet like i did with my bee. i'm now one of "those" parents...

so in order to save face and make for lost time, let's catch up. :)

at her last check-up {almost a month ago} she was 15 lbs and 26 in long. unlike her big sis who was always in the 90-something percentile for everything, this little bit is average. except for length/height, of course. ;) we make some long and fast growing babies!

she will grab anything within her reach. anything! watch those cups and plates. and ponytails! :)
she is so close to sitting up and loves that bumbo chair! it's her personal recliner we tote around the house to include her in whatever we three are doing.
she loves to clasp her hands together and hold them over her head {little ballerina in the making?} and loves to hold those two pudgy feet. ;)
she's growing a precious patch of peach fuzz on top of her perfectly round head. and i'm almost certain her lashes are still growing and her eyes are turning green {although daddy doesn't believe it}. i think it's only fitting considering bee's are bright blue like the other half of our family. :)
violet also recently discovered her voice. this includes: "dada", "nana", "yaya" and then the occasional screeching/screaming. oh, and the laughing out loud! i almost can't handle how precious that is. something about babies giggling. turns me to mush.
and also most recently she'll wrap her arms around my neck. a real live hug! from a 5+ month old!
she is all about real food, too. anytime we are eating or just near food she is more than interested. and after trying yogurt, bananas, avocado and applesauce... she's hooked!
girl loves to soak in a tub. we fill it about an inch or so and lay her on her back and she is in heaven! she'll laugh and kick and grin until it's time to get out. we have ourselves another water baby. :)

her favorite thing to do anytime of the day is watch her big sis bee. she's the funniest, most entertaining. we may try our hardest to get violet to laugh, but all bee has to do is grin in her direction and that baby girl will giggle. love those two together.

i hate to repeat myself, so pardon me as i do... but i am so so grateful for my two little girls. they really are the most precious gifts i have ever been given. they bring so much happiness and meaning to my life and make our family complete. and to watch them interact and grow together makes it all the more amazing. i love that they love each other. and they did immediately. their chemistry is more than i could have hoped for and i pray it continues to flourish. babies are so precious. and to have two beautiful ones of my own {adam's own, too ;)} is more than i could ever ask for. as they say, my girls "complete me". :)


Amy Marsh said...

beautiful sweet violet! :)

Lauren in GA said...

She is such a beauty :)

I concur. Baby giggles melt my heart, too.