pool party

on a whim, we decided to have a little pool party while we were last in atlanta. it gave us the opportunity so say bye to some of our dearest friends and see their sweet faces again before we leave. it was such a lovely day {that closed with a huge downpour} with friends and cake {amy's bday cake ;)}.

a favorite part for me was when bee gave that ol' beau of hers {luke} a good-bye smooch and squeeze.  it's so crazy to believe how young they were when they first met and how they immediately clicked!
i really really love these two together and hope the future reunites them, soon!

we love all of our dear atlanta friends. and any that we didn't get to splash with, we will miss you all, too!! thanks again for coming and sharing a pretty day with us. :)

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Amy Marsh said...

the day was fabulous! and so was the cake. ;)