officially official

after what seems to have been forever ago {aren't i supposed to say yesterday??} we have finally reached the end of our six year jaunt with our beloved augusta. it's so crazy how time has flown by. granted there were many days {ok, most of them} where they seemed to have dragged themselves out and made life worrisome. but our adventure in this rare city has been just that. rare. and interesting. and good. rare - in that only certain things that have taken place here would in fact only happen in this place. interesting - okay maybe this is just a reiteration of the former, but this place is interesting. in good ways and bad {see any of my loathe v love}...

and then good - this place will always remind me of school. being broke. super stressed... things of that nature. but it will also remind me of some of the best times in our marriage, some of our best friends, some of the best experiences we have had, so on and so on.

i have a very clear memory of the night before adam started dental school.
we were lying in bed, in the dark. facing one another and talking about what was to come. we were literally coming to grips with the fact that {we knew} our lives over the next four {later adding 2 more} years were going to be rough. we had heard it from everyone. we would basically "suffer" through it. so laying there in the dark we said our prayers. then it happened. i bawled. i bawled like a baby {or, like the wife of a dental student, i would later find out. ;)}. it seriously sounded like we had signed up for the worst possible future we could have chosen for ourselves. again, laying in the dark on that late sunday night, that's how it felt. i think it might have also been raining...
but we held each other close and dozed off... only later to be awoken by that familiar beeping sound that welcomed us to our new life. our new life in "disgusta", ga.

okay, enough drama, right? haha. but i just tell it like it is. and fast forwarding to the future i can honestly say it wasn't that bad. boy howdy, it was hard. but not that bad. and we really did have some fun and exciting times in between {try europe, two babies and lots of new best friends}!

now, mind you, this place does have it's charm. we have been more than happy living so close to charleston, hilton head, THE BEACH... oh and family! :) it's been so nice to be less than a day's drive from just about anything and anyone we could want or need to see.
the ol' city itself is lovely, too. our first place we lived in was in "old towne" downtown augusta. it had some quirks, but the charm of the old homes here stole my heart right then and there. living in houses that were built before the 1940's has been a pleasure. i much prefer the sweet old cottages here over any brand-spanking new house! i'll never tire of these original wood floors, that's for sure!

i remember when we drove home from the beach this past april, this town was in it's prime.
they really did chose the prettiest time of year for spring break/master's tournament {i always forget that until spring returns}. everything was in bloom and the whole city smelled like a garden! the weather was lovely and our yard looked amazing. every magnolia, azalea,  gardenia, confederate jasmine, sweet olive, etc etc was in bloom. it really made me sentimental in thinking it would be our last spring, not only in our augusta, but in the south as well. :(
it really was a perfect way to see {and smell} augusta before we leave.
i do love it here in the spring.

okay, enough mush now, right? haha

but seriously, the point of all of this craziness was to accomplish one serious and major goal.
for my adam to go into and complete a field of study where he could confidently support our family. and by george, he did it!
he did it he did it he did it!!!
and he did his hardest and best throughout it all. and that's what makes me the proudest. i'm so so so {how about 100 so's} proud of my adam. he has really done it. :)
and now i feel like if him and i could accomplish that together, the rest is cake! ;)

again, i can hardly believe it, but it's true...
we have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's.
it's done done done.
and our flight out of here next saturday {staring at me from my gmail inbox} will finally seal the deal.

we could not be more happy or more excited for what comes next!
i'd like to call it "LIFE". :)
life is what happens next!  and we can't wait!!!

texas {life}, here we come!!!


Amy Marsh said...

Love this post and love you guys! I can't say it enough, I'm going to miss you like CRAZY! I wish your sweet family the best in Texas. But I wish Texas were closer to powder springs...
Love you friend!!!

BWei said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts--I can definitely relate. Now I look back with fondness on (most of) our time in Augusta...nostalgia softens the hard edges. Hope your move goes wonderfully.

Lauren in GA said...

This post is beautiful. I love the honesty.

We will miss you here in Augusta! I know Texas is going to be fantastic, though. Congrats on your entry into Life. :)