dream house - girl's rooms

okay, i know this room will be the sweetest in the house. i want it to be a place the girls like to retreat to and spend lots of time together in. :)

images one+two+three

along with lots of happy light... i want to create a fun spot that's the right mix of girly and simple. i would like to keep things at a minimum and as practical as possible. i really hope they spend most of their time outside, but on those hot hot days i want them to have a pleasant place to play. 

i feel like the look throughout most of the house will lean towards boho/farm/country? but in a simple {less cluttery} and bright way. lots of color and again, natural elements. but, not too loud a palette and not too many plastic toys. ;) 

i do wanna focus on some simple and easily accessible storage so clean up isn't a headache, and also to have as much of their things within reach. kind of their room their way.

i really want them to love it. to want to be in there. so, i might even get out the twinkle lights, just for an extra special touch. ;)

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