four months

my sweet violet has taught me so much in just these four months i have had with her.
she is so sweet and charming, just like her big sis bee, but it's so amazing how completely different they are.

this little one is not only super adorable, but recently, also super loud! she loves to make all sorts of noises {from kitty to piggy}. especially when she's lying on a blanket beneath a tree. and her favorite snack lately is her fist. she loves to hold her feet and watch every little thing her sister does.
my favorite is when she's laughing with her bee. when they are laughing together.
it really melts my heart.
and i know it sounds cliche, but the more i see of these two giggling together the more meaningful my life is.

it really is true.

i'm so happy to have this baby violet in my life and for eternity.
she really does complete this little family of ours. :)
happy four months, baby girl!

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BWei said...

She's getting so big! I'm sure these weeks are crazy for you but I am glad you're doing well.