dream house - living room

and... i'm back!

with a for-real move coming up {in less than two months!!} my mind is flooded with the opportunity to make a homey space for our family for what may be a permanent residence! and with the help of pinterest {am i the only one still on there??} i have plenty of ideas of what i could throw together. :)

images one+two+three

i feel like the overall look i'm drawn to is pretty simple and minimal. i really like the idea of having a neutral palette and using items of natural materials {ie: wood, linen, leather}. and i'm wishing for a space with tons of windows and natural light. if i could have that, maybe i could be happy with just sitting on lawn chairs... maybe. ;) 
anyways, here's to dreaming of that perfect space. 

more inspiration found here.
oh! and stay tuned for other rooms of my dream house. :)

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