another dateversary

we have finally come upon my favorite time of year {spring}! no more winter and cold and gloom! time for warm, sunshine and happiness, again! ;)

spring is so wonderful. here in the south, spring means the air is warm and thick with the fragrance of nature. smells like honeysuckle and sweet olive float through the air and remind me of some really happy times in my life. it really is the best time of year, especially if you live in the south!

this amazing time of year not only represents a new a beautiful season with sun and flowers everywhere, it also marks the beginning of mine and my smooch's relationship.:) in '04 we started dating at the end of april, and the part i remember most are the pretty floral smells of spring. it's crazy how smells can take you back, right?

anyways, aside from the magnolias and wisteria blooming, another reoccurring celebration is our actual first date! for that first date, i was to drive to athens and then adam was responsible for our day of fun. and it was such a fun day!

we started it with a georgia baseball game and then a sushi dinner with his {now our} friends. then we finished that fantastic date with the athens' twilight criterium {bike race} in downtown athens.

it was the perfect day. and i'll always remember it as that.

thank you smooch for being the perfect date those nine years ago and for being my best friend.
i love you and all our dates. :)  luv, SUG

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