the library

lately it has become regular routine for us to attend story time at both our libraries twice a week. it's almost like pre-k {i know} for my char-bee. she LOVES the music and stoires and the "KIDS!!!". as much fun as we have at home with just us, there's something super fun about going and being with those "KIDS!!". :)

last week we had the extra special treat of attending music time with a special local children's musician {of course now his name escapes me}! he brought his guitar, george {i know} and cast some sort of spell on my girl. as soon as she saw him {and george} she was immediately hooked. while the rest of the children sat quietly in a circle with him, char-bee was front and center. almost in his face! and as soon as the guitar playing and singing began, she was all over the place! like ants-in-her-pants all over the place. :)

there were a few times i stepped out with violet {gotta keep moving with her, too!} and when i came back in the librarian said my girl hadn't even noticed i'd left. needless to say, i have started quite the habit with this girl and her library visits. i'm so glad she loves reading and music and "KIDS!!" as much as she does. sending her to school {later on} will be a breeze. such a super social/active butterfly!!

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BWei said...

Awww, I miss Appleby Library! We went there ALL the time and I totally remember that guy. So fun for Charlotte.